Some Important Issues To Address During The Remodeling Of Your Bathroom In Encino

Understand the essential areas that must be in focus as you are planning an upgrade work for your master bathroom.

Your bathroom will need remodeling more frequently than any other part of the home. The space stands exposed to moisture and you would hate to see the signs of mold formation on the walls. The paint could be peeling and simply the current design is not functional anymore. Are there signs of a leak in the bath? If so, you must think of undertaking an Encino bathroom remodel right now. We are ready to do the necessary remodeling work for your bath and restore its glory.

At Vision Home Remodeling, we have done extensive work remodeling bathrooms for our clients in Encino CA. We will undertake the necessary improvements for your master bathroom. However, certain important issues need to be addressed during the remodeling work of the bathroom. These are key areas to focus upon as you plan remodeling work for the bathroom. Here are the details for readers.

The ventilation of the bathroom

Is the ventilation of the bathroom working or not? This needs to be addressed or else the problems will come back to haunt you much earlier than anticipated. In most bathrooms, the ventilation arrangement is perhaps in the form of an exhaust fan. There is a need to study its exhaust capacity and make improvements if necessary. During bathroom remodeling work this is an important area to address and you must not ignore it.

Look to have built inns

Is the lack of storage space in the bathroom bothering you? There will be a need to create more storage in the bathroom, but you must think a bit differently. If space is tight, the key will be to build in and not out. One can have built inns for recessed soap dishes and medicine cabinets or even toilet roll holders. You can always look to build into the walls additional storage space.

The right color for the room

It is also essential to pick the right color theme for the room. Is your bath area small? You must not choose dark colors or else, they will make the area feel much smaller and perhaps boxed in. Rather one should insist on using white or lighter colors. This way the bath will look bigger than it is.

Pick the right bathroom flooring

It is essential to pick the right flooring for the bathroom. Are you eager to have solid wood floors in the master bathroom? There is just no doubt that this will enhance aesthetics significantly. However, this type of flooring will not be able to last against the rigors of bathroom use. There is a need to select hardy flooring for the bath and you can choose from ceramic, porcelain tiles, and luxury vinyl plank. You can also insist on sheet vinyl flooring and it has excellent waterproofing qualities.

The use of wainscot beadboard

You can insist on installing wainscot beadboard on the walls. Its presence in your bathroom will serve multiple purposes and here is the detail.

  • It gives out an antique look and improves the aesthetics of the bath.
  • It also protects the lower section of the bath walls from constant water splashes.
  • It is also easy to install.


These are some essential aspects of bathroom remodeling that you should not forget while planning for the job. Amid all the big plans you should also focus on the smaller things and perhaps even explore opportunities to hang more items. You can also think of installing the right mirrors in the bath and beyond allowing you to makeup, these are also essential design items. There is more, which can be done and if you permit, we are ready to start the necessary remodeling for your bathroom,