What Are The Signs Of A Leaking Roof ?

Know about the signs of a roof leak and the causes for it to happen

The roof repairs are necessary for leak situations or suddenly one fine morning, you may have to face water penetration into the living space. Are there any puddles or pools of water visible in the living space? It is the sign of a leaky roof and it can always create panic. You have perhaps let this problem stretch too far and there could also be structural defects emerging due to water penetration from the roof. It requires an immediate fix or else the problem will just escalate and later on the repair costs will be more. There will be constant water intrusion and it can cause large-scale damage to the attic area and general home foundation. Mold can form on damp areas within 48 hours and that is the dangerous part. Can I prevent a leak in the roof? You perhaps cannot prevent a leak in the roof, but the key will be to catch the damage early and do a repair.

Some Signals That Indicate A Roof Leak

It is first important to understand the signs of a leak in the roof. It is only then that one can call over a professional offering roof repair in Los Angeles. There are easy to spot and you will need to be on the look for these basic signs. Here are the details for readers.

A water stain

This is one of the easiest signs to identify a leak in the roof. Look up at the ceiling and see whether there are signs of any stains. The color of the ceiling could have turned, brown or black. It could however get challenging to identify a stain in a dark corner of the home. These stains are the first indicator of leaks in the roof.

Water dripping

Have you ever encountered water dripping on rainy days? When the rain stops there will be no more drips, but that is the time, you need to check out the roof. Either you could climb up or one can get in a professional check. There could be some space in the roof, which has caused the water penetration.

You could conduct a roof check standing on the driveway

At times, when you are perhaps taking a stroll on the driveway, you can always look up to the roof. This way you can identify damages to the roof at a nascent stage. Here are some signs, which you can be on the lookout for while standing on the driveway.

  • There could be water spots on the roof and this is an indicator that there may be trouble at the point, where the roof comes into contact with the wall. If it goes to the leak stage then it means there is an issue with the flashings
  • Greenery is nice but that should not be on the roof. Is the surface of the roof a bit mossy? Once again the roof needs a check and there could be issues with the gutter or downspouts. They are not functioning properly and as a result, water cannot move away from the roof. If the situation has turned into a leak there will be moisture signs on the sides or even the exteriors of the home.
  • Are there any missing shingles?  There could also be debris in the downspout. These are not good signs and you could face some trouble with the roofing material. Look more carefully and try to identify patchy signs on the roof. You need not instantly panic, but there is a high probability that there will be a leak in the future.
  • There could be damaged flashings and the cause could be some improper installation done.
  • Are the shingles on the roof curled? This has been caused due to water absorption. These curls may have also been formed due to hot air in the attic. However, the situation could turn into a leak and you need a repair, or else the damage could escalate. There could also be bucking shingles and that is another sign of leak problems in the roof.

The attic ventilation could also be the cause for leaks

There are plenty of you who consider the attic space as just a storeroom. However, it is something more than that and in case there are ventilation problems in the attic, it could always lead to a leak from the roof.

How To Identify The Source Of The Leak?

It is tough to identify the source of the leak. Do you think that the stains are the source points of the leaks? You are wrong because water can travel and that creates confusion. A stain could happen due to a missing shingle The key here will be to locate a path, where water is likely to find the least resistance. Water while travelling will damage everything it comes into contact with. Hence, you need to constantly follow these stains and this way you are more likely to find the source of the leak.

A check out on the attic space could help you to identify the leaks more properly. One must be on the lookout for signs of dampness. Is the insulation cover wet? If so there is certainly a leak in the roof above.

What has caused the roof leak?

There could always be a desire to understand the cause of roof leaks because that is how one can take preventive action. There could be many reasons for this situation and here are the details for readers.

The attic vents could be the culprit

The vents in the attic space are vital for your roof and help in air circulation. They prevent excess moisture from building up and that makes sure that the wood does not form rot. However, these vents do not function properly after storms. The excess water goes into the vents and they do damage to it. There is wear, tear on it and finally, there are leaks.

The missing or damaged shingles

Normally, during storms, the shingles fly out and also get damaged. This way they create space for uninterrupted access of water into the living space. One should realize that even small crack in the shingle is sufficient to cause a leak.

The clogged gutter

Once again this could be a reason for leaks in the roof. Water is supposed to flow down the roof via the gutter into the ground. The gutter should not get clogged and this way it can prevent structural damages to the roof. However, unfortunately, the gutter at times gets clogged and if it is for slightly longer, the water could damage shingles on the roof, which further leads to leaks

There could be more reasons for the leak and often the problems could be with the dormer roof. Now, other than having the gutter cleaned regularly, there is perhaps nothing, which you can do in advance. However, if there are signs of damage to the roof structure, one must explore roof repair options quickly. The key will be to look for a professional roofing company.


Here is a detailed insight into roof leaks and we have also discussed the causes. You need to be on the lookout for signs and then look to take swift repair action. However, roofing work takes place at an altitude and there could be problems if there are accidents or slips. It is best to book a professional service and you can contact Vision Home Remodeling.