5 Tips to Get your Lap or Plunge Pool Ready this Summer

It’s important that you make your pool ready before summer sets in. but you need to understand what are the activities that need to be performed for getting the swimming pool ready at your home in the backyard, for your family and kids to enjoy a cool splash. California with its hot summers are sometimes unbearable. Therefore, you need to have a pool installed at your home, if you ain’t have any or remodel an existing one that was lying in neglect. Here in Los Angeles, CA, homes are thinking about newly installing lap pools and modifying their existing plunge pools to international standards, as summer is knocking at the doors. Let’s see how a pool is prepared for the summer months.

Do Not Empty the Pool

You might think that emptying a pool and filling it with fresh water can provide it with a clean look and a healthy idea, but on the contrary, it comes with a host of problems. It not only takes a lot of time to empty the entire pool and drain the water out, but it causes  major structural problems. As the weight of the water is no longer present, it causes the swimming pool to be unhinged from the ground. Therefore, it’s not worth taking the risk. Still, if you want to do it for certain reasons, alsoway consult and take the help of an expert general contractor or a home remodeling company.

Extensive Cleaning

Even when the water is present in the pool, it’s always a good idea to give it an extensive cleaning. After lying used throughout the long winter months, neither the water nor the pool is in a good state. A scoop net fitted with a long telescopic rod can be used to remove the leaves, twigs, foliage or any floating material on the surface. The smaller dirt particles can be taken care of with the help of an automatic pool vacuum cleaner. The edges of the pool and the corners have to be cleaned manually, and the covers or roller shutters removed, to clean all the accumulated dirt and limescale. The contractor that you hire for the job is also going to brush all the steps on-by-one and the steel ladder.

Ensuring the Pool is Technically Operational

After the cleaning part, your swimming pool is now going to look much more inviting, but you need to ensure that all the systems are working fine and operational. You can start by backwashing the swimming pool filter to remove all kinds of debris. This should be carried out by keeping the swimming pool pump off. The process is the same, even in the case of a new swimming pool installation in Los Angeles, CA, or in any other city, wherein you need to get the final operational clearance, after checking all the systems are working fine.

Check for Water Quality

It might appear that the water in your swimming pool is clean and hygienic for use, but still you need to conduct further tests to ensure that the pool water is 100% usable, especially when you have little kids and toddlers at home. The easiest way to do that is to take a sample of water from the pool and take it to your local swimming pool dealer. Their professionals can test the quality of the water, and thereby certify its usage. They would perform tests for chlorine levels, alkalinity and mineral content. It is done absolutely free.

Finally – Shocking the Pool

This is the final stage for preparing your pool for the summers. The shocking process will remove any remaining or left contaminants. In such a process, chemicals like calcium hypochlorite, dichlorine or lithium hypochlorite are spattered across the pool water. This is how your pool gets fully ready to plunge in and enjoy the hot Californian summers.