Some Popular Kitchen Floor Plans To Incorporate During The Remodeling In Encino

A peek into some of the floor plans that you can have for the kitchen area at your home.

Is there a need to remodel the kitchen at your home? There could be plenty of indicators that the place needs complete remodeling work. The ceiling could have water damage and the hinges of the cabinets may be turning loose. These are signs that you must plan for a complete Encino kitchen remodel. We are ready to do everything possible to transform your cooking space just the way you wanted.

We are Vision Home Remodeling and have done plenty of work renovating kitchens for homeowners in this city. As you are planning a complete remodeling of the kitchen, one of the priorities will be to select an appropriate floor plan. This should assist in increasing the work efficiency of the cook. Here are some of the choices from which you can make a selection.

The L-Shaped kitchen floor plan

This is one of the most common layouts for a kitchen. This shape is ideal if you intend to have a small but compact kitchen. This layout does not require much space but offers a lot more flexibility. The benefit of this kitchen floor plan is that there is scope to fit in a table right at the center. This way the family can share a hearty meal close to the cooking area.

An island kitchen floor plan

This is another kitchen floor plan, which is getting popular among homeowners in Encino. This floor plan has got plenty of similarities with the L-Shaped kitchen. The dimensions of this kitchen could be 10×10 feet. Do you intend to increase the functionality of the kitchen? If so, you can think of equipping the island with a cooktop or sink. This layout should create the necessary space for casual dining. One can have barstools for seating around the island. There could be nothing like it if you have a built-in island. It will provide options for storage and help the cooking zone get rid of clutter.

The U-shaped kitchen floor

This floor plan should be ideal for anyone who has extensive cooking to do. This layout offers plenty of counter space, which is why homeowners love it. Do you need to do plenty of baking while preparing the food? If so, this layout should suit you perfectly. This layout has one defect and often the appliances are too close together. You might just feel trapped in one corner.  This is where you might face a problem and there is a need to show innovation. You can explore the possibilities of a half wall that should open the cooking area to the adjacent room. Suddenly, everything looks more prominent and the cook will love to spend time here.

A galley kitchen

This is another kitchen floor layout, which you can consider at the time of total remodeling. It resembles a corridor running down the middle and cabinetry and appliances stacked up against the wall on both sides. This kitchen floor plan is preferred for multiple reasons. The layout is such that everything is easily accessible. This kitchen layout has ample storage space and is quick to clean up. It is easy to divide the kitchen area into multiple work zones.


Here, we have discussed some of the popular kitchen layouts that you can incorporate during a complete remodeling of the cooking area. This is not all and one can even try out a P-shaped kitchen. The peninsular kitchen offers more storage areas and lower-shaped cabinets & drawers. You must select a layout that will suit your style of cooking and our job is to do the installation. We will transform the kitchen just the way you want.